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I finished A Way Out.

I know we're still pretty early on in the year, but this is already going to be a serious contender for my personal GotY. This ain't your average co-op game... I've played lots of them and very few can pull it off as well as this game has. In a lot of games, co-op sometimes feels like it was added as an afterthought. But in this game you can clearly tell it was built with co-op in mind from day one.

I have to say I don't know who Josef Fares is and have never played that "Brothers" game he is apparently well known for. All I knew is that this was shown to be a co-op game and it had my attention from the start. Then I saw the $30 price tag and only one person would need to own the game to play together and that pretty much guaranteed I would be playing this. And damn am I glad I did.

The graphics totally look last-gen but I guess it's forgivable since it's in split-screen at all times. The controls as well are not quite perfect but I didn't have any real problems with them. I noticed not one bit of lag in the entire play through I did with my friend and that's always nice (take notes Nintendo, when you're going to build a game around co-op, start including online modes and you'll be more likely to get my money!)

Is the story cliche? I guess so...but can't that be said of, like, 90% of video games today? They all kinda recycle ideas from games or movies before them in some way or another.
There's a lot of fun to be had here, lots of action, it's just kind of a bummer that it's so short, but I do look forward to doing another play through and seeing the second ending.

Seriously, the budget price combined with only one person needing to own the game to play it online was a wise decision because I've already bought two copies of the game as birthday gifts and now I plan to buy a third copy to keep for myself.


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