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Sun Apr 01 18 08:57am
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I've lost all respect for you, RMC and crew--and anyone else slating and hating on this movie!

There are far too many people jumping on the "social" media bandwagon and claiming this film is bad when it simply is not--not even close. What a load of total and utter tosh. If people weren't so obsessed with being part of the crowd they'd see this move for the rollicking sci-fi entertainment ride that it is, with a bunch of great set-pieces, a few amazing actions sequences, a little bit of heart, and more amazingly cool Easter eggs and references than literally any film in history.

I wonder if you'd like it a lot more if it had a bunch more obvious Nintendo references and Easter eggs peppered throughout it....

Look, I frikin' loved the book, it's my favourite book of all time, and even though the film isn't as good as the book, it is still a good-great film in its own right. For the people that have read the book and hate the film: Hating it just because it's different to the book is basically naive and ignorant imo. It stands on its own.

If this film had been released in the '90s it would have been absolutely celebrated for what it is, but because it's 2018 and everyone is trying to pretend they're somehow more intellectual and sophisticated than they actually are, they can't just enjoy something that's actually pure innocent fun anymore. It has to have some deep meaning or political angle or SWJ narrative or some utter crap like that.

The book was also totally celebrated and loved when it first came out, but now everyone is saying it's crap just because some twits online said so recently, and now everyone has to be a frikin' sheep. It's so sad and pathetic--this shows just how easily public opinion can be swayed by "social" media into complete b******t--and it's not people having authentic opinions at all as far as I'm concerned.

This movie is great. It's not Spielberg's best film but it's still one of most entertaining sci-fi action films in ages--and arguably one of the best VR/gamer-type films ever made (we should be celebrating that)--with some of the most epic and entertaining cg sequences in generations. And my bro, who hasn't read the book and went into the film totally blind, said it is the best movie he's seen in years. That's a true unbiased and unswayed opinion from someone with no preconceptions or expectations.

People these days just bug me with their snobbish and sheepish attitudes!

PS. I have zero clue what the hell you're talking about in terms of the amount/time of action scenes and stuff dragging. Probably half of the movie was made up of those THREE MAJOR action scenes--three, not two--and a few smaller but still entertaining ones too, at least, and the stuff outside of that moved pretty rapidly with almost no filler whatsoever. What the hell movie did you watch? I've watched it three times now and it felt just as easy to go through with no slow sections the third time around as it did the first--that is extremely rare for me, which is testament to how faced paced and bloat-free everything is. I have no clue what version of Ready Player One you were watching or indeed what you are smoking--honestly.