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Sun Apr 01 18 10:11am
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Anyone who has read the book and claims it has no substance has some kind of issue with reading and interpreting what's on the page imo. There is plenty of substance there, you just have to have a tiny bit of intelligence and observation skill to pick it up: Be it the idea of loving someone beyond just the surface/physical level, or a society where things have become so bad that most people would do anything to escape it (and providing a very plausible near-future interpretation of what such a society might look like), or even the whole idea of the corporations slowly enslaving all of mankind in the name of profit and greed, and some brave people trying to find any way they can to fight such oppression and the insidious mass loss of our basic freedoms and liberties. And it's about loving something so deeply and profoundly that it becomes a major part of your life, both as a child and adult, and permeates and influences every facet of it. There's also the whole idea of returning to our childhoods and making life more about play and having fun again, hence the whole hunt is a series of little games and challenges that take the participants on an adventure where they can discover and experience all these cool things in the one place where basically anything you can imagine is possible. Lastly, the whole thing is structured and plays out like a classic "heroes journey", which is about as familiar and satisfying and core to writing a good and universally appealing adventure story as it gets.

And, it's not about me having no respect for them for simply hating the movie; it's about me not buying their reasoning, there's just a lot of misguided and incorrect stuff being thrown around (like stating there's only two actions scenes that amount to around 20 mins of the total running time), and believing there's a lot of brainwashed crap behind it more than genuinely thoughtful critical review of the movie, its content, and its execution.