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It will take a LOT of cleaning up, of a kind you don't seem prepared to undertake. *So* much personal, entitled negativity. Your assumption that RMC doesn't have the right to feel differently than you about this movie, and that the solution to this "problem" is verbal harassment and uncontrolled hostility, is singularly disappointing and incredibly off-putting. Just take some deep breaths and watch the movie again if you like it.

My favorite band isn't everyone in the world's favorite band. Many people don't like my favorite books. It's okay. It's expected. I wouldn't try to "angry" at everyone in the hopes they would suddenly like them as much as me, and I would be horrified if everyone on Earth's primary goal was to harass me into liking their favorite things as much as they do. Show some respect for people. Particularly RMC, who seems like the nicest guy and doesn't deserve this attack.