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Sun Apr 01 18 12:14pm
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I'm not trying to convince them it's good--I'm pointing out some of the points used to support claims that it's bad are just utterly absurd, such and the additional one I listed below....

Again, anyone who's read the book or watched the movie will know exactly what I mean. RMC making that comment about Aech's voice is basically absurd. How can someone not get why his voice is like that and how it totally makes sense in the context of what happens later in the story? It would be like complaining about Darth Vader's breathy and metallic voice or the killer in Scream having a weird low-pitched garbled voice.

Does anyone else in here know exactly what I'm talking about in this one regard and can maybe verify how stupid it is to complain about Aech's voice like that's the kind of reason(s) why the film is bad?

This is the kind of thing that people are picking out as stuff that justifies them disliking the movie! Surprised