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Sun Apr 01 18 12:19pm
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I literally do not give a hoot if it's "grating" to you. My point(s) is totally and utterly valid and I'm countering many of these absurd reasons in the podcast as to why this movie is supposedly bad.

Regarding the complaint about Aech's voice: I've already pointed out that this is the equivalent of someone complaining Darth Vader's voice is all breathy and robotic or the bad guy's voice in Scream is all garbled and digitized--it's idiotic right on the face of it.

RMC is making some truly absurd and ignorant claims about this movie, which he's then using as examples to back up why it's bad as he sees it--and I'm calling him out: There's more than two big actions scenes; the amount of VR content and big cg actions scenes and stuff in the movie is far, far more than 20 mins worth; Aech's voice is like that for a very specific reason, and it totally makes sense in the context of the movie and what happens later on; and so on....

If someone is going to assert something is bad, especially in the context of some media journalism and the like, then it really shouldn't be based on distorted opinion that is largely floating in absurd-land imo.