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This smells of bullshit but I'll try and make sense of it.

So Nintendo normally pays for the localisation of the dragon quest games on 3DS to help push the 3DS. They probably didn't do that this time as the switch is printing money.
Square Enix were probably not too happy about not getting a free ride so they focused on the PS4 and the PS4 to PC localisation port.
They probably moved the Switch version to the back burner as they weren't getting a free ride with the 3ds localisation.

As for version differences. They can cause game breaking issues and depending on the game and if you planned to upgrade to a newer version it can be torture to get a game running correctly on the new version without a lot of work.

They as we know from previous interviews made the game with a team for 3ds and a team for the ps4. So they wouldn't have liked most companies, built one game that can be adapted to multiple systems. They didn't plan for that because they treated it as though they were making two games to run specifically on that hardware.
As for the PC port, it is likely just the ps4 version
with some changes to the control options. I doubt any more effort would have been done.
However, building for a different console is a very different thing if you did not build you game with any plan lower or raise the system requirements or scale anything for other versions. This version was made one way. The ps4 specs.

We'll have to wait and see what kind of effort they put into the PC port. If it is the bare minimum, then they aren't talking total bollocks. If it's a lot, then we should worry as that means they've put a huge amount of time and effort into a gaming market that isn't known for buying dragon quest games.


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