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This could be the only year since I started gaming where I do not buy a game for a Nintendo system. I don't know about these unannounced titles but so far Nintendo seems to think a bunch of old ports are enough but they aren't for me.

As someone who owns and supported Wii U and PS4, most of the noteworthy releases are either things I already have or things I already passed on.

I have to wonder if Nintendo really learned much from the Wii U's failure. They don't seem to be in any better position to fill out a release schedule with new games than they were back then. I loved the Wii U but the releases were just too sparse. Their strategy this time seems to be to pad out the Switch release schedule by rereleasing all the Wii U games (which drives me crazy). Next time they aren't going to have the library of a failed system to rerelease like this.

I am sure it is difficult to plan things out so that you have a steady stream of new games, since you never really know how long it will take to complete any given game. I like to think this means 2019 will be full of great new games, especially since they are focused on one system now.


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