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Personally, after the success of Doom and Skyrim...and I am going to assume the upcoming success of Wolfenstein 2...on Switch...I expect a Fallout port announcement at E3, to be delivered by the end of the year on the system. And I am perfectly fine with that. I also think Nintendo has been holding back some of these big third party game releases/ports/whatever you want to call them on the Switch so that they could have a bonanza showing at E3. I also think Smash alone is going to push many units (both hardware and software) towards the end of the year, and that's not to mention whatever ELSE Nintendo has up their sleeves to announce of their OWN at E3. I think they HAVE to have something big...if they already let it be known that Smash is not only in the works...but will be coming THIS year...AND it will be in playable form at E3 (even if only in the form of the tournament they have planned...but I can't imagine they wouldn't at least give the gaming media a shot at that same build after the tournament during E3).


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