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Never had a problem with the new artstyles though. But I knew the community was bat shit crazy about it. Giving the people the chance to let them choose between different graphics and getting rid of the mobile UI which don‘t work well on the big screen and the PC ports are good to go.

Sorry, but I have to disagree there. Final Fantasy 6 has more issues than just graphics alone particularly that it constantly crashes and is glitchy.

Also, just because they are fixing those issues doesn't mean they are good all of a sudden. Why the hell would a health bar be on the character if you can see the HP of the character in the first place? And this also applies for Final Fantasy 6 and the only reason that game is somewhat good on Steam is because of mods.

They knew a tactic like that would only screw the fanbase and yet they still do it. I only hope DQ 11 gets the quality done and good.

Atleast Nintendo tried to get them to the west. And here I thought Squenix was interested in wanting DQ to be popular in west.


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