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Thu Apr 12 18 09:08pm
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I get your point adn it is accurate to a degree. BUT! They are indeed need of big 3rd party games, like that or not. And many of those need power machines. Anthem is a great example. But also MH:W. None will go on Switch this time around. And when the inevitable PS5 and Xbox Cloud comes, the Switch 2 might not hold up...If the PS5 has 16 GB RAM, and the Switch 2 comes with a mere 6...We're back. The Switch 2 should have a minimum of 8 GB RAM and Nvidia should go nuts on their chips for it IF they want to compete with the next gen...Which they must since the gaming market is the gaming market. And that's why I predict a new, but very innovative, Nintendo home console in some years aside the Switch 2(3)

EDIT: Bottom line is : They have to close the gap!


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