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Fri Apr 13 18 11:05pm
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I have a K.Rool avatar...lol But seriously DKC is my favorite Nintendo franchise and I just don't like the way Nintendo treats the franchise especially considering Donkey Kong was the 4th best selling franchise of theirs. But they constantly neglect the franchise and treat it like the ugly step child. DK is severely underepresented in Smash, there are no DK line of amiibo, the GCN era all we got was spin-off gimmicky crap and DK got neglected to being a Mario spin-off character which hurt the brands identity. Most kids nowadays think of DK and Diddy as Mario characters and not Donkey Kong characters because that's all they appeared in for years. Which is why you have people nowadays complaining about Retro's DKC games because they feel the series is just a "lame Mario spin-off series" and not it's own thing.