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Mon Apr 16 18 12:34am
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I think we'll see the Switch getting games at launch simply because it's easier to develop for the weakest system and add features to stronger systems than it is to develop for the strongest system and then see what you can retain or approximate for weaker systems. That's how developers approach multiplatform games not coming to Switch; they make sure PS4 and X1 can handle the basic game, and then add graphics settings that high-end PCs can handle.

Note that there are some ironies here that are truly wonderful. PCs long ago passed consoles in power, so that anyone who trumpets their favorite console because of its graphics capabilities just doesn't know what they're talking about. Similarly, because of the necessity of developing for underpowered consoles because of the profit to be made, PS4 and X1 have actually stunted the technological advancement of games instead of contributing to it. I hope the Switch stunts it even more, making developers focus on gameplay as a way to stand out.