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Not really. Mostly because I'm not familiar with the content of the original game. I judge a game based on the localized version. One game I won't get because of being uncensored is SNK Heroines. It's a shame because the game looks otherwise perfectly fine. Oh, and Beyond Good and Evil II's trailer convinced me not to buy it. Such a shame because I was looking forward to it.

But let me throw out an example from the movie world. When I was a kid, channels like TBS would play censored versions of popular movies. So I watched many favorites including "Karate Kid", "Beatlejuice", "Back to the Future", and even "Howard the Duck" that way. Today, censored copies aren't available. While I have no problem watching these movies uncensored, I wouldn't want to play them uncensored for my kids. So they'll just have to wait until they're a bit older before being exposed to these classics.

At the end of the day, what I read online is kids complaining that they put more clothes on a 14 year old character or something. But really, is that a terrible thing that takes away from the game? Is it really that bad that the hero doesn't drop an F-Bomb?