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Mon Apr 16 18 04:25pm
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At the end of the day, what I read online is kids complaining that they put more clothes on a 14 year old character or something. But really, is that a terrible thing that takes away from the game? Is it really that bad that the hero doesn't drop an F-Bomb?
While I can't really speak for others, for me, it often isn't about the content itself that gets cut out, but rather the fact that it gets cut out at all. For example, when I look at a game like Senran Kagura Shinobi Refle or Gal*Gun 2 (if I recall the titles correctly), they're not really games for me, but if I had learned that content was cut from it because else it might offend other people, it bothers me. Because if they wouldn't like that content, they just should look away / not buy it, and the company shouldn't bend to their will.

Now, like you said, some companies censor themselves so that they broaden the potential market (and some companies censor themselves to prevent backlash), and it's tricky to know on which side to be, because both sides make sense. But in the end, I think it's more ideal if a product can be what it needs to be, and that's why I am always happy to see games like Shinobi Refle, even if they're really not my cup of tea