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I think it is good that you do your homework on the things you let you kids play / watch. My view though is to not try to have things censored for them but just buy them things that are already appropriate. There are a lot of great kids games and movies. Let kids be kids. There is no harm in having them wait for the other things. No rush.

I am not very familiar with SNK Heroines but what is it you would like censored? My impression is that the sexiness of the characters is pervasive throughout the entire game. You would probably have to not only change the outfits but also the animations. It would be a totally different game, for a totally different audience than what was originally envisioned. You wouldn't be making it great for everyone but really just changing from one target audience to another. Unless you had some small changes in mind. But again if we are talking about small changes I would wonder if they are really necessary to change or just pointless changes.

If we censor all these games to make them appropriate for kids then we are also saying that the group who likes the things as they are can't have that experience. Is that really right? I think a company should decide what their target audience is and then go for it. If you like it, buy it, if not then don't. Money sends a big message.

Speaking of those movies, one important difference is that adults and teenagers could get the full flavor version of the movies that has the original artistic vision intact but with games once it is censored everyone just gets the watered down version. I wouldn't want all my movies censored for kids and that also goes for games.

Sometimes it does make a big difference if the hero drops f bombs or not (or whatever else might be censored). You are building a carefully crafted tone, an atmosphere, a style, an experience. Sometimes by censoring, you are removing the things that have the biggest impact.