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I guess that's the rub. I won't organize a protest of some game because of content. I won't tell people that they are bad for playing a game I won't buy. But, I will "not buy it". And when asked by other parents with similar values, I'd let them know that it isn't for their homes either. Effectively, it becomes sort of an "unintended" boycott.

The example of the games you listed wouldn't make good business sense to censor them since they essentially exist as "soft porn". I wouldn't buy them regardless, so they may as well go for the audience they're targeting and not worry about me. But where it becomes dicey would be a game like Xenoblade. Xenoblade would be on the fence and so they might choose to make strategic business changes to put me on the side of the fence that buys their product. For better or worse, guys like me are the silent majority.