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I've given this some more thought and there is also something to be said for the opposite. Having a game that was supposed to be 'clean', but to add (semi) erotic content just to appeal to a certain demographic and increase sales that way. Anime and visual novels come to mind, with particular emphasis on the latter. It's almost to the point that visual novels have become synonymous to porn, since so many titles have erotic content in it. Titles without any such content often have a tougher time unless they've already made a name for themselves. Likewise (but to a lesser degree) a lot of anime also shoehorn 'ecchi' scenes into the story, even if they feel out of place, just so that it will catch the attention of a certain demographic who is already the most likely to buy anime.

With its anime art style, I wonder if Xenoblade Chronicles 2 had the same idea, since they sure upped the naughtiness a bit for that game