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Yes they are damned in every case because the extra cost of the cart has to go to someone who isn't going to like it.

One option no one ever seems to consider is that Bethesda would not pass the cost on to the consumer but would take it themselves. It would cut into profits but they would still make a lot of money on the game. Of course why would they volunteer to do that if people will accept something else? This option is the one that has the most goodwill towards the consumer and says "thank you for your support Nintendo fans" the most. Look at Dark Souls Remastered. Launching at $40 on Switch. That is something I can support. It could easily be seen as fair for Wolf 2 to launch at $50 on Switch. I think at $60, Bethesda can accept the little extra cost of the bigger cart. Why are people so quick to get walked all over by companies?

Otherwise they could price the game a little higher. I wouldn't like this but could probably come to accept it. And games go on sale so it's not like you wouldn't be able to get it for a price you are ok with at some point.

This option they chose is something I view as ridiculous and could never support.