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Many games have updates available but they are playable without them. This game won't even be playable until you download the update.

I like retro games. I like new games but I also like old games. It is fun to go into a used game shop and buy Super Metroid and take it home and play it. It still works just fine. It is fun to get out games I bought 15 years ago and play them (especially when it comes unforgettable favorites). I still play DS games. Replaying great ones and also picking up new ones from time to time. People still play and collect NES games. Someday the update required that makes this game playable will not be available because they won't keep that server up forever. Then this useless dead game can be buried along with ET in a landfill.

If this doesn't bother you then you can buy the physical edition and enjoy the game; I won't stop you. My comments about how I feel about this don't stop anyone from doing what they want to do. But I can't support something that represent such a sour turn for gaming.