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Sun Apr 22 18 11:01pm
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Lately I've been playing Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

I enjoyed this on the Wii, though I don't think it was ever as good as the original trilogy games on SNES. I also don't think this 3DS version is any better than it was on the Wii. It had the potential to have been the better version of the two, though.
The main improvements offered in the 3DS version:
- the 3D effect is nice, and looks good in the levels where you jump between the foreground and background (though the camera is panned out too much when you're in the background, making DK look tiny).
- there is a "new mode" that makes the game slightly easier (original mode is still available)
- there's a few new levels
- everything is assigned to buttons now, which is how it should've been on Wii

A couple of odd things though, including you being asked to choose if you want to use the Circle Pad or d-pad to control your character, and to change between them you have to do it through the options menu instead of just being able to use whichever method you want at any time. And as nice as the 3D effect looks in this version, it doesn't come without a sacrifice, because the frame-rate is cut in half and looks noticeably more sluggish (spotted it several times in mine cart levels) in comparison to the Wii version, which always ran at 60fps. There is a two player mode, but each player needs their own cart, despite any progress made not carrying over for whoever is playing as Diddy Kong. I guess if you never owned a Wii, or you just would much rather prefer to play this game on the go, then that's all the reason you need to pick this up.

Also I'm just about to finish up Resident Evil: Revelations on Switch.

This is one of my all-time favorite 3DS games. I had meant to pick this up years ago on Wii U because I liked the Miiverse intergration, but now that Miiverse is dead (and the online community for the co-op mode is probably dead too) I figured there was no point in getting that one anymore. As far as I'm concerned, Switch is the official definitive version now since it has motion controls for aiming your weapon. Unfortunately, I've been in a couple of spots where the aiming just felt off and not as accurate as it should be, but when they work, they work well. If you remember, Resident Evil 4 on Wii was widely considered the best way to play the game because of the motion controls for aiming, so it is pretty much the same case here.

I've beaten this several times on 3DS (in both the story mode and getting S rank across all stages on all difficulties in the co-op Raid mode) so I knew what to expect out of this.
Graphically this is still one of the best looking games on the 3DS. The 3D effect looked really good, though the game didn't really benefit from it in any way. But even though the graphics were improved quite a bit for the console release, playing it on a 50" TV screen, it ain't always so pretty in some spots (especially some character models when viewed close up in cutscenes). Playing it in handheld mode on Switch though, it looks really good.

The controls weren't too bad on 3DS to begin with. But while I've mentioned the gyro aiming sometimes feels off, the controls in general are even better now when you're playing on consoles that have two analog sticks from the start. So between the improved graphics, improved controls and with the Switch version also offering portability, there really is not a whole lot of reason to ever go back to playing this on a 3DS. Scanning any amiibo lets you earn BP (the currency used to upgrade your weapons in Raid Mode) which in the 3DS version you had to get Street Passes to earn BP.

The things I disliked about the 3DS version, I still dislike in this one (examples being the underwater levels or the fact that you always have a CPU controlled partner following you around even though they are worthless and they will shoot at enemies but I've never once witnessed them actually killing an enemy), but they were just how the game was designed to be, so I didn't expect those things to be fixed. This is a damn good game, and when you split the Resident Evil series into two categories, one being the traditional survival/horror and the other being the more action-y RE games that the series changed to starting with RE4, this is the best of the action-y side.


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