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I don't think it sounds so unusual if you take into account what they said at the very beginning of the Switch's second year: that this second year of the Switch's life is crucial to the company in continuing the sales of Switch hardware into people's hands. And I think they started that with the Metroid Prime 4 and Pokemon Switch reveals last E3. And I think there are few things which could have drawn in more people to Switch than an announcement for Smash. That got people hyped up WAY high (just go back and watch some of the many "Smash reveal live reaction" videos on YouTube...it was pretty insane some of them). Maybe another big one would be Animal Crossing...but its Smash that would draw in that core gamer crowd that you want to get your console into the hands of. Because its core gamers who are going to buy software. Animal Crossing might bring in a more diverse crowd...but that's a game that you can get alone and spend hours and hours and hours tooling around in. I DO think Animal Crossing Switch is in the making, and I'm hoping to hear something about it at E3. But...we shall see!