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Nintendo also wants to bring back those who have been played in the past, but have since left

Easy fix for this is to bring back VC. And I guess some of the IPs that are largely dormant and while not nearly as profitable, can atleast satisfy the fans.

Nintendo wants to engage in a company-wide effort to achieve that, and that includes overseas subsidiaries

If they are referring to buying companies, they don't need to buy overseas companies. All they need to do is buy Capcom and SEGA. SEGA may not be an easy buy for them but atleast Capcom will.

the Switch won’t have a price that many parents can afford paying for all of their children any time soon

So I don't understand this point. Are they saying that there won't be a permanent price drop for the Switch or are they saying that the cost is enough for parents to afford it? Either way, I have to get it.

the company plans to keep selling the 3DS as long as there is demand

When you consider the fact that

    1. 3DS is a profit for them. 2. There are a TON of games worth getting for that system. 3. Since Switch isn't backwards compatible with anything, Getting a 70$ 2DS alongside 3DS games that are discounted seems the legit way to play those games.

Then yes, the 3DS isn't going anywhere for a while.

the most important element remains to create good games that many customers will buy

Since when has Nintendo ever made games that people didn't want them?


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