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Tue May 15 18 10:49am
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I just hope that visually this goes above and beyond the 3DS games and doesn't just look like an HD version of those. No reason for it to. Battle Revolution still looks great- that's the benchmark they should be working towards.

I know it's a superficial thing but honestly you can pick out any Pokémon game from the last 10 years and have as good a time with whichever you pick. They've pretty much perfected the formula a long time ago to the point where for me the only thing that's gonna get me interested in this is if it is the fully realised console Pokémon game myself (and countless others) have dreamed of since we were kids. Huge 3D world to explore, great looking fights etc. Fully prepared to be disappointed but this is one of the biggest (the biggest?) game franchises in the world- there's no reason for them to hold back.


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