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Considering the tragedy of ORAS which was mostly caused by them pandering to casuals (let alone folks who don't play video games to begin with), I don't trust them and I don't think they know what they're doing. I'm more than happy Gen VIII is in 2019. But I'm also upset that there's a risk of the game being too damn easy or light on content because of the fact Kanto doesn't have much to begin with, and for $60 along with the $50 or so the Pokeball will cost that's asking a lot.

That being said, IGN seemed to confirm that the only things not online are the co-op and ranked modes which make sense, " battling and trading online are both available online and locally." so I'm not as mad as I was before, but I still have my concerns. Game Freak pandering towards genwunners and casuals lead to more harm than good in the main series games.


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