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Yeah, where was Metroid Prime 4 gameplay? I thought that was going to be a sure thing. And I thought we would at least get an Animal Crossing announcement, but no. And there wasn't any additional info about Nintendo's online service, nor any announcement about SNES/GBA/N64/Gamecube/Wii games on Switch (LIKE HOW IS SUPER MARIO GALAXY NOT ON SWITCH? THERE'S LITERALLY A NVIDIA SHIELD PORT AVAILABLE THAT USES THE SWITCH'S EXACT HARDWARE!). And there aren't even any Xenoblade 2 characters in Smash nor does Smash have anything to offer single-player gamers. Like no story mode ala Subspace Emissary...AGAIN. Why? Were the cutscenes appearing on Youtube for Brawl that much of a deterrence for Sakurai to never make another story mode? Wtf. And this was basically a Smash Direct. I knew Smash would be a focus, but I didn't expect it to take up 25-30 minutes of a 45 minute conference.

They started off strong, but once Smash came through the direct was essentially over for anyone who wasn't 100% into Smash. So that was essentially a 15 minute direct + Smash. I'm disappointed. I'll say Microsoft and Nintendo tied this E3. It wasn't a sure win for Nintendo.