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Wed Jun 20 18 08:46pm
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I wouldn't say Nintendo's E3 sucked. It was just incredibly average and nothing spectacular. This isn't as bad as 2008, 2009, 2012, 2015, or the year where they just brought BOTW and nothing else people.

It was just underwhelming because games they previously announced like Yoshi, Metroid Prime 4, and Bayo 3 were no where to be seen and most people (myself included) expected them to be there. If they had shown those 3 off in addition to Smash and Mario Party being the only surprise announcement. I would've considered this E3 to be one of Nintendo's best but alas they didn't. Also IMO I wish Ubisoft let Nintendo show off Star Fox in Starlink during the direct that would've also made Nintendo's E3 better. Then titles like Yoshi and Fire Emblem: 3 houses were delayed until 2019.,..

I also feel this year for Switch (especially compared to last year) also makes this E3 feel more disappointing due to the fact the majority of the 1st party line-up this year has been nothing but Wii U ports and a fairly mediocre Kirby game in the 1st 6 months. So people were expecting a blowout from Nintendo at this years E3 and we got a blowout alright. A blowout of Smash Bros. but not many games. When you look at this year as a whole the 4 major releases are Mario Tennis Aces, Super Mario Party, Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Pokemon Let's Go all of them released in the 2nd half of 2018. That's pretty lackluster even if Pokemon and Smash Bros. will move millions of systems no doubt.


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