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I've been playing Nine Parchments on Switch.

This reminds me very much of Magicka 2 that I played last year on PlayStation 4. As far as gameplay goes I would say I'm enjoying this more than I enjoyed Magicka 2, but the writing in Magicka 2 was better overall than in Nine Parchments. In this game they don't seem to give you much reason to care about the story, which I'm fine with anyway because I just wanted a fun co-op game, if it had a good story that'd just be a bonus.

And I wanna say that graphically, this dev team had better be paying their art guys top dollar because they're always making beautiful looking environments in their games (YouTube videos don't do it justice). If you've played the Trine series then you should know what I'm talking about. I played maybe 5% of the game in handheld mode before I went back to playing it on TV because it just looks so much better there (but another reason I went back to playing on TV is because you'll find hidden chests throughout each level and sometimes they blend in with the environment and they became difficult to see, especially on the smaller screen in handheld mode).

It's not a game I'd recommend playing in single player, so make sure you have at least one other friend to play with (either locally or online, with drop-in/drop-out co-op). I'm personally playing 2 player mode with a friend and while I'm sure it's more fun in 4 player mode, I only know one other person that owns it. I actually plan to beat the game later today with my co-op partner and then maybe later on I'll start to go play with some lower level randoms and help them out if possible.


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