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In Splatoon's case I think it's more than just boredom.. It's a sense of community when you don't fight for a change and just hang out with the group.. There's a sense of doing something else for a change, just enjoying the community.. It also takes off the tension a bit sometimes.
It's also interesting that you can kind of communicate non-verbally somewhat with other players.

In some cases I join in, some cases I leave the lobby after one game (it's a bit salty to just disconnect, it's just 3 minutes). But if it's just one or two (newly joined) players (with two it's often two friends playing together), I sometimes fight them and deliberately (easily) splat them while playing the game normally. Most of the time they leave when they are convinced the rest of the lobby just wants to play normally.

Don't get frustrated, just switch lobbies if you are annoyed by it.

But maybe just join in occasionally, just for fun ;-) I eventually did, and it was quite fun to just hang out.

In a 1on1 battle in Smash though, I really don't get it..


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