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I always change Lobby when I see any form of squidbagging. It is basically either a 'haha I got you I am so great' and doing the most annoying sound managable. People are totally free to do that squid party when playing with friends and in groups where they know eachother and whatnot, but it ruins all the fun for me when random people does it. Not only when everyone just does it over the entire match, but also when a lot of people kill you, they just spazz out with squidbagging for the entire duration of the... what's it called, when you see the one who got you? You know what I mean, the kill cam thingy. It comes off as douchy to me. Like a, 'ha I am better than you' thing. I get very frustrated about that.

I play to play the game, and while I am not always overly serious about it (I am a good Splatoon player but not super competetive) I do not wanna play a match when people are being assholes in it. I do not mean everyone who bop around like Squids like that are assholes, but a lot of them are, and I rather disconnect and do something else while I wait to be able to play again. I don't wanna give people like that my time.

I always change lobby when I see someone do that, but squidbagging spreads so damn fast. It is not as common here as it was in the first game, but common enough to be a HUGE bother.

... but, this is a Smash thread, so I will stop now. I have not really played Smash online before, but I would probably disconnect of the other player did not play the game properly as well.


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