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Yeah, squidkidding when you splatted someone, especially for the whole duration they can see you is both annoying and to a sign of them being a noob.. It's much better to continue the match. It's definitely douchy, but it's also childish and shows their lack of commitment to the current game.
To me it's often a sign that "our team can win this one"..

Sometimes though, with a particularly good splat I get it if they do it just a few times out of excitement. It actually means you gave them a tough time and they're excited they got you. (basically it's not meant in a offensive way, rather a celebration of a strong win).

There's a difference and context is key I think.

A "Squidkid party", even with random people online, I don't mind when the whole lobby (or most) is into it. People who don't like it can leave next game, just as I often do myself when I don't feel like it and just want to play the game. Such games are really not meant in a bad way.

I get how you feel though.. You just want to play normally..

Yeah, in Smash 1-on-1 for fun, I'd probably disconnect as well.. That makes no sense and is just a waste of time.


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