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It always comes off as douchy to me, the fact that someone is SO desperate to 'taunt' about killing you that they waste precious time covering their turf, tells me that them getting to say "I got ya!" means more than the actual game does, and while I am sure there are some that do not intend for it to be a mean thing, I do know that a lot do mean it, and that overall thing simply now has a negative impact for me.

People have fun in different ways, but I bought the game to play the game as intended, not always SUPER serious, but I do not wanna spend 3 whole minutes pressing a single button. I do not get how that is fun or relaxing either. Many times, they just literally gather in one place and press that one button for minutes. :/ In the very least, walk around and actually do something. I cannot see pressing a button for minutes to be fun.

Again, to each his own and all that, but for me, it is a very very tedious thing that sometimes ruins multiple matches in a row for my short playtimes that I have, and it makes me angry. I am not a social person, I have social anxiety, and I rarely play online games, but Splatoon usually works well, but when people actively RUIN that game for me, it makes me feel literally bad, and I rather take the penalty 5 minutes than wasting 3 minutes with them.

But yeah, I Am just repeating myself over and over now. My bad.


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