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It always comes off as douchy to me, the fact that someone is SO desperate to 'taunt' about killing you that they waste precious time covering their turf, tells me that them getting to say "I got ya!" means more than the actual game does, and while I am sure there are some that do not intend for it to be a mean thing, I do know that a lot do mean it, and that overall thing simply now has a negative impact for me.

Yeah, totally agree.. Almost all of the time it comes off as mean and rubbing it in, and often it's meant in a mean way as well.. And indeed, it shows they either don't care about the actual match much or think they will win already (both signs off bad players).. I totally get that that makes the whole thing negative for you. Makes complete sense.

To be fair most of the time people aren't just pressing a single button but just goofing out around each other and sometimes through the map.. Just pressing the button alone would get boring quickly.

Yeah if you just want to play the game with little time at hand and you encounter this in multiple matches/lobbies it's obviously annoying.. But I can't remember having multiple lobbies doing this when I switch..
Maybe you should check for recurring usernames and check them with your friends list.. The might follow you around..

Hopefully you can find ways to avoid this happening in multiple lobbies in the future..
A waring though: disconnecting penalties might affect matchmaking as well though, so it might make the problem worse rather than better (non-serious players will get on such a list earlier if it exist)...


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