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Thu Jul 12 18 06:49pm
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Wii U is a dead platform. Needless to say the number of people playing 8 Deluxe is large enough to guarantee continued support, much like Splatoon 2's support extension.

People like me and the others who bought the Wii U are the real fans.

Here we go again. That misguided, and ridiculous mentality that "I did (x) therefore I'm a TRUE FAN" couldn't be far away from the truth. Nintendo fans couldn't sell the Wii U, and not everyone who bought one was a die-hard Nintendo fan. Far from it, else games like Tropical Freeze wouldn't have outright flopped on the system.

If you feel resentful that your purchase was a waste, then so be it but stop aggrandizing it like if owning a Wii U somehow makes your opinion more important. I have a Virtual Boy, so by your misguided and narrow minded logic my opinion trumps yours. Stop talking for the fans when the fans have told you to shut up. You are not the voice of the masses, your opinion is individual and personal.