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Thu Jul 12 18 06:50pm
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Just seems like he's here to be negative about 99% of everything to stir the pot and get attention, and that is kind of the definition of a troll, not?

Anyway. Enough about him. It's A OK to be vocal of a company that do odd choices. But also it's A OK to be positive of the positive things. I can't fathom the entire mobile phone app for chat on the Switch. What the Hell were they thinking? BUt there is also so much good happeneing, like Octopath just releasing ;) And so much we do not know yet since Nintendo keeping in silent. I still have my Wii U even though I got a Switch (and I have many other consoles) and there are games that are just made for the gamepad and I love them. ZombiU and SF0 (I know, I am one of the few) for example.

Why whine on a discussion site?