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I would much rather Nintendo simply add more content to MK8D than release a whole new game that would take years to build.

The reason why Nintendo had to keep making new Mario Karts in the past was because the technology kept changing from console to console, and there was no way for them to really update the game.

Now we have a console that already has a great looking Mario Kart game. We have a console capable of DLC. Why build a whole new game when they could simply add more digital content to the best Mario Kart game in years (and the only one I’ve ever really enjoyed, personally)? What can they do from a technological perspective in MK9 that MK8 doesn’t already do? Slightly improve the graphics?

It’s just like how Smash Bros Ultimate is built off of Smash 4, rather then starting from scratch. With so much already made, they were able to make what’s going to be the most content-rich game in the franchise.

With MK8, the game is already PORTED. What’s the point in throwing that away when they could simply continue building on it and make it even bigger and better than it already is? Aside from being able to put a “9” on it and call it a new game, of course.