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Making DLC for MK8D is the crappiest thing Nintendo could do. It's bad enough that they've ported most of the Wii U's library, and that they charge WAY TOO MUCH when it comes to ports, but to lock entirely new, presumably major, content behind what's essentially $60 that most of us have already paid when it comes to the Wii U version of the game is just outright terrible. There's no defense for such an action should it happen and there's no defense for the way Nintendo prices their ports. Like none of this would be an issue if MK8D launched at like $35 considering you know MK8 came out out just THREE YEARS PRIOR, but no it's $60, the price of a brand new game just like Tropical Freeze is the price of a brand new game when all it adds is one character.

All of this is crappy and Nintendo is to blame. There is no justification, and as someone who bought MK8 when it launched on the Wii U, I'm gonna feel pretty darn rejected if MK8D get's DLC.