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Fri Jul 13 18 07:24am
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Until Nintendo starts making hardware on par with everyone else, we'll keep seeing messages like this one... or be ignored completely. Weather or not you like WWE 2K games, it's still a loss. This one could be better... Who knows? To have absolutely nothing from many big publishers on top of having an already pathetic lineup of non-indie games hurts.

I want my Nintendo console to be more than just indies, ports of last gen games, and having the majority of all multi-platform third party games skip it year after year (since the Nintendo 64). We still have developers and publishers saying that Nintendo's machine isn't a fit for their games. Nintendo isn't doing much to shake this image at all, so crappy third party support should be expected.

Thank you , Nintendo. I wonder what overpriced, under-powered machine you'll sell next generation.


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