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My take is that developers are chasing every unneeded graphical enhancement gimmick under the sun rather than focusing on making a playable game. I'd rather be able to game on the go with less power than to be able to count the number of armpit hairs Seth Rollins has.

Games made for the Switch look great. I imagine games that start their life on Switch and migrate to other consoles will still look current gen.

You're giving Yuke's too much credit. The games don't even look all that great even on more powerful hardware and are still some of the buggiest games out there that make you question their QA process. It really just seems like whatever engine they're using is just not optimized or efficient for what they're trying to do. The actual models of the wrestlers look alright but it's not like they as detailed and fluid animation wise like the UFC or Fight Night games...from LAST generation.


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