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What a ******* joke! I was only talking about this the other day and how I hoped this wouldn't happen.


They won't even use a 16GB cartridge. I explained that the first game was 3.1GB in size and that the sequel was 4.5GB. That would mean that the 3rd game is over 8.4GB in order for it not to fit on a 16GB cartridge. I could be wrong but I very much doubt that's the case. The Switch has regressed from using a cheap, affordable, readily available 25GB medium on Wii U to where some companies are hesitant to use even an 8GB cartridge(Capcom and Mega Man spring to mind). Chances are they'll use an 8GB cartridge here for the first 2 games with the 3rd as a download. It defeats the whole purpose of buying a physical game.