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Tingle is one of the few reoccurring Zelda characters; a short, middle-aged man, known largely for being quite the oddball. In Majora's Mask he played a map maker, while in Wind Waker players had to free him from prison and then rely on him to interpret maps that led to pieces of the Triforce. He also played minor roles in Oracle of Ages, Four Swords Adventure and Minish Cap.

His most outstanding traits are his obsession with fairies, love of rupees, his unusual attire, use of a balloon to fly through the air, and overwhelmingly weird behavior; the last one in particular gaining him a lot of fandom and a lot of hate... largely in Japan and the USA, respectively. Due to his popularity in Japan, he starred in at least three spin-offs released almost exclusively in Japan (one made it to Europe), making him the only Zelda character besides Link to play the lead part. But due to the hate he receives pretty much everywhere else, he's been relegated largely to cameos since Minish Cap; a doll with his likeness appears in Spirit Tracks and Skyward Sword, while a Tingle costume is available in Breath of the Wild for example.

His biggest role as of late though is one of the playable characters in Hyrule Warriors.


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