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The game isn't out yet, so we can't for sure say we know exactly what it takes to be an echo fighter.

From what I, and others, have gathered, an echo fighter would be someone that could almost be considered a alt costume. They are the exact same as another fighter, but have a few defining characteristics. (i.e. - Lucina not having Marth's Tipper ability, Dark Pit having different arrows and Side-B, and I can imagine Daisy may not Float and/or can't use Turnips because neither were shown in screens or video and she is yet to be playable)

The Koopalings and Alph are alt costumes because they are exactly the same as their primary character, the only change is the look.

Dr. Mario is completely different than regular Mario. A majority of his moveset is vastly different than Mario's, and his strenght, speed, and other data is different as well.

So, let's say they make Street Fighter's Ken as an Echo of Ryu. His Hadoken wouldn't have the EX version and his Side-B would most likely get an EX version somehow. But everything else would be the same, because that's just how Ken and Ryu are.