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Sat Jul 21 18 01:08am
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This is just fucking horrid and clearly a way to both dumb down the game like ORAS (which I consider to be the Sonic 06 of Pokemon due to how much it butchered RSE and treated the player like an idiot the entire time with the low difficulty) and to try and hopelessly pad out the game considering that Kanto doesn't usually take longer than 15 hours to clear and for $60 with only 152 Pokes that's a horrible value. Of course they couldn't bother to include Johto and the mons over there... Pokemon GO shows that you can make a more simple pokemon game without stripping it of all challenge or engagement, since Raids and Gym battles can still be tough if you tap wildly and use bad Pokemon types, and catching Pokemon is still a risk, but this game just makes me lose faith in Game Freak with every bit of info.

I hoped we finally left the dark age with Sun/Moon (removed National Dex excluded) having a great difficulty curve but I guess not. Don't have any faith in the 2019 game and expect it to be lacking on post-game content like with Gen VI and they'll skip the national dex for no reason at all yet will have dozens of catchable pokemon that are pointless to go after as they have no dex entries. At least in Let's Go every Pokemon in the game is in the Dex but that isn't saying much with the puny amount...