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Sat Jul 21 18 04:28am
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That is the only way for me to replay all these old-school rpgs with terrible mandatory grinding, terrible random battles and turn-based combat. When I was a child, I would go through this sh*t and spend hours grinding, running in circles waiting for random battles to pop up, infinitely pressing A or X for my character to do the basic attack because that's the only viable option for quick fights in these "highly strategic" combat systems, randomly dying to random one-shot attacks against super frustrating bosses that would make you go through the whole dungeon again when you fail to beat them, randomly dying because of a random battle when I wanted to explore a dungeon just a tad more because I love exploring.

This whole thing for me is just the ultimate anti-gameplay. This whole cr*p is just utterly broken. There's no other way to put it. And now I don't have the time nor do I have the will anyway to go through this again. That's why save editors have been my only way to revisit old school rpgs for, let's face it, the only good things they had to offer, and that's visuals, story and music. So thanks to that I replay these games and actually have fun with them, getting rid of random battles altogether, simply deciding what level my characters are, getting that object I missed in those five minutes of gameplay you can never get back to, or better yet just resetting my save where I want in the game, with the items I want, etc. I mean in the end, it's just like having a gamebook where you are the hero, that would be very broken, and trying to change it the only way it can really be enjoyable, which is as a normal book.

So who knows, even though the battle system doesn't seem so bad in Octopath, all the rest of the cheapness is definitely there, so maybe a save editor actually existing just increased my chances of buying the game in the end.