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Sun Jul 22 18 10:04am
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It's not called Pokémon Let's GO for nothing. It was made with Pokémon Go players in mind. People new to the franchise. So they kept the catching mechanics from GO in order to not alienate or overwhelm new players. Makes sense to me.

Remember, many of us are veterans when it comes to games. Things that are second nature to us can be confusing to others.
It's like switching from iOS to Android after several years. It doesn't just click and you're into it. It takes some time to get used to it.

Pokémon is no different. In GO, you just tap on a Pokémon, throw berries and balls and you're done.
Fights only occur at gyms. You tap to attack or swipe to dodge, while occasionally using your "super move".

Classic Pokémon is much more complicated than that, but you can't just plunge potential new customers in at the deep end, nowadays. Nintendo and TPC want to make sure that these new players will stay with the franchise for a long time and not just drop out after this game because they "didn't get it". I'm sure you know people are like that.