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Not every phone player is an idiot. But when you consider that Pokémon GO is a free app, and almost everybody has a smartphone, it means a lower barrier of entry, which means lots more people are able to play it. Lots more players = lots more "idiots", or at least lots more newbies to the Pokémon franchise. How many people just starting out Pokémon are going to know the names of all 806 Pokémon, let alone IV and EV stuff?

Now does that necessarily mean that Pokémon should be "dumbed" down on in a video game that is non-mobile? Guess it depends on what they're trying to achieve. If this is meant to seque Pokémon GO players into the (non-mobile) video games by adding in story elements and Pokémon that are compatible for trading and/or battling with the "hardcore"/"main" games, then why not?