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"a good fit"
"as long as it fits well"
Those, to me, aren't good words. It just tells me the Switch, like past Nintendo consoles (mostly Wii and Wii U), will miss out on many of their best games.

The NES and Super NES didn't have this problem. Everyone just put whatever they wanted on them, marketed them, and they sold.

So, games like Mortal Kombat was a "good fit" back then on Nintendo consoles, but isn't now??? When's the last time Nintendo had a brand new Mortal Kombat on their home Console? Gamecube?

How about Street FIghter? Super Nintendo?

How about any western RPG or major first-person shooter that wasn't a late port of an old game?

And when did Nintendo ever say that the Switch is only good for specific games? I see that many indies are putting what they have on the Switch and they sell, not because they "fit", but because people with Switches want to play all types of games.

At the same time, Nintendo made it hard for the big publishers and developers with the Switch being a terrific handheld that doubles as an under-powered home console.

Unless I see Bethesda's main games appearing on the Switch (or big original games that rivals them), like Fallout 76, not just Fallout Shelter (mobile), and Elder Scrolls VI, not just Elder Scrolls Blades (mobile), I won't be jumping for joy for their "support".