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Sun Jul 22 18 04:39pm
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Street Fighter? Nintendo 3DS. Street Fighter 5 is PS4 exclusive (and PC) and is an awfully bad game.

First Person shooter? Doom (Switch), Wolfenstein 2 (Switch). Both in less than a year from their original releases. So not "'late". But surely you are talking about Call of Duty and Battlefield. I don't need those, I find them boring as hell and way too overhyped / commercialised.

Western RPG?
There aren't many, "western RPGs". these days. At least not if you are excluding Indies, which are plentiful on the Switch...

Fallout 76 is 100% online only. It wouldn't fit the Switch in most use cases. This is also why I dislike games as Fortnite on the Switch. Elder Scrolls VI won't be out until the PS5 and XBOX TWO. (or whatever MS will name it) Thinking it will ever run on the Switch is stupid. Maybe on the Switch 2.0, but on the current one? No.

And Mortal Kombat? Well.. I can't remember the last good Mortal Kombat.