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Mortal Kombat was a year old port of a PlayStation 2/Xbox game, like a good chunk of its library. There are no more new Mortal Kombat games on Nintendo home consoles.

Injustice isn't Mortal Kombat. It has similarities, but isn't a full Mortal Kombat game. At least it was there at the same time as the PlayStation and Xbox versions.
Injustice 2 isn't on any Nintendo console.

Ed Boon/NetherRealm Studios, the developers of Mortal Kombat and Injustice, have already said that they may not work directly on Nintendo Switch, and may need external developers to do ports (like what Panic Button's doing). What I want is that their next NEW Xbox One/PS4 game to also come to the Switch DAY 1 or very close to the same release day as the other consoles. Not a year later. Not 6 months later. Not even 3 months later.