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Mon Jul 23 18 12:43am
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Things are always like this...fit means porting ability.

Where in your SNES library with all the complete third party support was my port King of Fighters 94-95 or X Men vs Street Fighter? Oh yeah, they were never ported even though they released at the height of the Snes popularity with DKC and what not. Those arcade ports finished coming the moment the machine was uncapable to run them, with the viability of a port being either too expensive, and would finish up being such a bad job it was not worth it.

Best example, Street Fighter Alpha 2...the SNES struggled, really struggled to run it, it is one of the most impressive games for the system, and it is still vilified as one of the worst SF games on the system. Why SFA2 appeared on the SNES, but no Darkstalkers or SFA(1)...because it was a good fit.

So try to stop with the conspiracy and see things for what they are...it has always been about capabilities and popularity...SNES indeed had both...for a time, but with the years its capabilities started to be insufficient and third party companies needed to either start ignoring the system or they had to create original games instead of porting the vast superior offerings from elsewhere (Marvel War of The Gems instead of Marvel Super Heroes) And the Wii and the Switch both struggle from day one with power, so yeah, they need to specifically see what is fit and whats not. It's just not possible for every game to release on Switch.